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Links to Adult ESL Resources (Australian)

Here are some links to adult ESL resources, which are either Australian or suitable for use in Australia. All of these websites have some free resources on them, and some are completely free.


The AMEPOnline website contains independent eLearning modules which are are aligned to the EAL Framework, from beginner (Course in EAL) all the way up to Certificate III. The modules are mobile-friendly, but are also great to use on the computer. Students can work on these modules either independently or in class. It is completely free and there are no logins required. In addition to English, there are also modules on numeracy, health and safety, and citizenship. 

English Ready

The AMEPOnline website also contains the new 'English Ready' printable eBooks, a set of resources aligned to the EAL Framework (only available for the lowest two levels). These books cover the EAL units thoroughly and are suitable for classroom use. In addition to English, there are plenty of numeracy resources as well. 

AMEP Resources

These are free AMEP resources organised by topics, such as money, health and housing. There are several downloadable PDF worksheets and flashcards for each topic. The resources cover all levels from pre-beginner to intermediate. These resources are a bit older (2011) but still very useful.

SBS Learn English

Videos, podcasts and articles for English learners. 

ABC Learn English

Videos and articles for English learners. Suitable for higher-level learners. 

The Book Next Door

A great range of ESL eBooks, hard-copy books and audio files. There are stories, puzzles and more. The site offers a complete free eBook - 'My Job is the Best', as well as a generous selection of free samples of other resources. The resources are printable/photocopiable, making it easy to share with students. By Clare Harris.

English Express 

English Express has two eBooks for beginners (ACSF Pre-level B / Course in EAL / A2): 'Beginner Workbook' and 'My Busy Day'. The 'Beginner Workbook' is topic-based, and is supported by animated videos for listening practise and language modelling. In 'My Busy Day', people describe their occupation, and all the sentences are accompanied by pictures. The resources are printable and shareable. The site include free resources, sample chapters as well as the online bookstore. By Bernard Miles.

The 'Initial EAL Workbook' is a comprehensive eBook aligned to the Course in Initial EAL, for adult beginner learners of English. The book is organised according to the units of the course. It is printable and shareable for teachers' convenience. There are plenty of free resources on the site. By Assunta Crupi-Pogliano.

Essentials for English

This website provides phonics resources for adults learners of English. There are free PowerPoints and handouts, as well as videos. The images used to teach phonics are appropriate for adults.

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