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English Express: My Busy Day


eBook   |   PDF (8MB)   |   162 pages   |   36 Chapters   |   Individual Licence or Team Licence 

'My Busy Day' is a new eBook for beginner learners of English. Read about what people do every day in their job or in their daily life. The sentences are short and simple, and every sentence is accompanied by a picture. The book is ideal for:

> learning verbs

> developing reading skills

> developing speaking skills

> practising grammar, in particular, verb tenses and subject-verb agreement

There are 36 chapters in total. Pick and choose any chapter to fit into your learning program. Do them in any order.

Available in an Individual Licence (for one teacher to share with their own current students) or a Team Licence (for one site of an institution). If you buy an Individual Licence, and later, your employer buys a Team Licence, you can request a refund (within 12 months).  See the Terms of Use for more details. Visit the store.

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